Life Saver!

this man gave me my life back. he’s an excellent lawyer. if it wasn’t for him i would be in prison right now. i would send everyone and anyone i know to him. because of him i was found not guilty and am free with no house arrest or probation. i cant say how much i owe this man. he gave me hope and confidence because i didn’t want to go to trial. i was already giving up and willing to take whatever they gave me but the state never made me an offer. we went to trial and jury found me not guilty on all counts!! he was truly an angel from god if you need a lawyer go to him!!!

Words can’t express my gratitude

I feel like words will never be able to express the gratitude I hold for Mr. Valiente’s aid in my time of need. He believed in my innocence and fought to protect it, putting everything on the line to fully dismiss a case where complete and easy dismissal could be considered rare. Antonio and his team consistently put my worries at bay and ensured that the bright future I worked so hard to obtain would be unaffected by any unfortunate circumstances I came across. Antonio truly is the best in his field, and the trust we put in each other lead to the most positive and rightful outcome.

Antonio Valiente, trustworthy and knowledgeable in his field

I called Mr Valiente on a Saturday, I will never forget. Not only was he there for me to listen to me but he took his own free time to answer my doubts and questions. In a moment of despair we all need an attorney who will guide us, be there for us and handle the case as best, Antonio is the attorney, in my opinion, for the job, he will get it done. I had all my charges dropped completely. Thanks to the work of Antonio Valiente.

The man standing.

I call my review the man standing, because I remember a lost boy, in a confused life. Standing in a world that was ready to consume him. I remember waking up with palms that that were drenched with sweat. Loud noises from heavy doors slam shut, and men standing in uniforms talking numbers, and walking past us. They leave and we stay. Five years of the same crap! Five years of the same men and women that comes to work dedicated to make our lives a living Hell. As a innocent man I stand tall and firm…. heck who am I kidding. I was broken, afraid, worried, even excepted defeat. I was no longer the man standing. But one man would change that and one man would put the life back in my eyes. Antonio F. Valiente is the Clark Kent of the Public Defenders Office. I have read articles about his successful outcomes in the courtroom, and after a year home Mr. Valiente continues to bring justice to court rooms and to family’s. He is the man standing.

Antonio picked up my case. He was the only lawyer that was sure and willing to go to trial…. and he was ready. I had three different lawyers since my five years in the county. And they all told me that my case wasn’t something that we would win. I was lost and confused cause I was completely innocent. Antonio was my new lawyer on the case and when he jumped on my case. He was confident, walked and talked it. You could see that there was no backing down from Mr. Valiente. When Antonio Valiente was performing in the court room – he not only moved me in opening argument he also moved me in closing as well. His words touched the court and the jury, when he expressed himself. He was the man standing in that room. My life was in his hands. And he fought for me like I was his very own. I remember when the verdict was in, and the jury made there way in the courtroom. Everyone stood and I was still sitting…. too weak to stand…. but that man next to me looked me in the eyes and told me to stand. I look down with defeat in my eyes. He whispered in a firm voice…. Stand up Watson. I slowly rose to my feet and stood at attention. I was now standing side by side with the man next to me when they read the verdict of not guilty. I cried and I fell to the chair in total shock and relief. The man standing looked at me in the eye and said…………. not guilty.

Gifted Attorney!

Hello viewers, my name is Devin and I was one of Mr. Valiente’s client. Well where do I start… First off I want to thank god for bringing Mr. Valiente into my life and taking over my case. I’m here to say that I really wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this attorney. The way Mr. Valiente handled my case was professional, excellent, and he defended me to the very end. I was facing a life sentenced for something I didn’t do and Mr. Valiente cared about the innocent and devoted his life and time to my case to get me off. Mr. Valiente never showed me that i was just another case as public defenders do because they have a workload of cases. Mr. Valiente had great communication and was very accessible. He answered my calls whenever I called him and kept me updated with everything that was going on with my case. Even after I won Mr. Valiente stayed in touch. Mr. Valiente did an excellent job during my trial establishing my alibi with electronic records and with hiring a computer expert to corroborate with my alibi. The ultimate outcome for my trial was a 10 minute not guilty verdict from the jury on a life felony on which I would’ve never seen daylight ever again. Everyday I appreciate my life and freedom and I can’t do nothing but thank the man above and also Mr. Valiente. One of the best lawyers and I highly recommend him!!

An Amazing Human Being

Words cannot express the gratitude and respect I have for Mr. Valiente. He believed in us from the first day and persisted until our case was dismissed. He is the very best in his field and an amazing human being.

Very professional and courteous

Mr. Valiente provided excellent service, very professional and courteous. I felt like he actually cared about me and my family. It was a year-long case and he was on top of everything from the get go. Constant updates, was readily available to speak to me whenever I called. I was looking at substantial jail time, and Mr. Valiente got me off with next to nothing. Highly recommend this attorney for anyone needing of his services.

A Professional You Can Count On!

I was extremely impressed by the great experience I had with VCM Law Group. From the moment when I made my appointment, the follow up reminder via text to the perfect clear explanation of my situation and case. I definitely will keep VCM Law Group in my phone address book and will refer them to my family and friends as a smart choice to legal help and advise. In this overloaded world of attorneys is good to know we can count with efficient professionals.


My name is Abel and I want to give real testament to the good performance and work of attorney Mr. Antonio Valiente. I was represented by him and thanks to his tenacity and persistence in seeking truth & justice, I am a free man, for which I want to thank him with all my heart and wish him the best in his brilliant career.

Could not be happier!

Great Lawyer. Professional Services. My case was very complicated Mr. Valiente encouraged me from the beginning and finally my case was dismissed. Definitely I will recommend VCM Law Group. Thanks!!!!

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