A real god-send!

I blindly hired Antonio Valiente based on the reviews I read online. I was facing felony charges which if there would have been a conviction I would have lost my ability to proceed in my career and support my family. After my first visit with Mr. Valiente, I realized he was knowledgeable, professional, personable, and hard working. After taking my case him and his assistant Alex have been stellar on their communication with me and on top of the case in every way. To make a long story short, I am now free of charges and free to proceed in my career and support my family. Antonio Valiente is a god-send! I will use him every time I need someone that does what he does. There is no doubt in my mind that he is one of the best criminal attorneys in the South Florida area. Thank you for everything Alex & Antonio!

Good man

Good man, very professional staff. Gets the job done.

For me, best attorney in Miami

His law firm gave me the best advice to handle my case in the right way that saved me time, money and hassle.

Highly recommended

He is an excellent lawyer committed to his cases. I recommend him! Thanks for everything!

Wonderful attorney – second to none!

I first hired Antonio Valiente he’s an amazing lawyer. His attention to detail and great advice was second to none. He is an excellent person to bounce ideas off. His secretary Estephanie Escobar it’s the sweetest person, She answered all my inquiries, kept me updated with everything about my case and gave me confidence. I would highly recommend VCM Law Group for legal needs.

Over Ecstatic!

I’m over ecstatic about the way Antonio handled my husband’s case. My husband was facing life and now he’s free. We want to say thank you for your help.


Mr. Valiente spoke to me and my daughter for over two hours, he was on point with all of our questions his advice helped us with our case. Our case was settled but I believe it was because of his knowledge of the law. I am forever grateful to Mr. Valiente.

Very Satisfied!

I am very satisfied with how Mr. Valiente handled my case we resolved quick he. He kept me informed and I got the best results I could’ve possibly got thank you very much.

A monster attorney – Antonio Valiente

Very professional, easy to reach and personally speak too. The staff in the firm is amazing and I really appreciate his hard work and amazing outcome of my case. Very happy and would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs a monster attorney.

He Stands At The Top Of His Profession

Antonio Valiente took my case earlier in his career, when he was a Public Defender. He quickly took me from a place of fear and desperation, to a place of faith, trust and confidence. Now that my case has been resolved: my feelings of relief and gratitude can’t be described. Antonio stands at the top of his profession, but he has never stopped showing me the kind of loyal commitment I would expect from a close family member. Antonio and his support team have given me the highest level of care, always. I will always be indebted to them. Thank you Antonio, THANK YOU.

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